Authors' rights and responsibility for their work

Contributors who submit manuscripts to the journal will at all times be secured sovereign possession of and full responsibility for their own contributions until the manuscript is published. By publishing, the author(s) give the journal the right to present the published manuscript in the form as required by the journal, and to be cited as the first publisher of the manuscript. This implies that before publication, the author(s) can at any time revoke the manuscript, object to the proposed changes and/or submit their own proposals for changes that need to be made. When the manuscript is accepted for publication after peer review, the author(s) relinquish their right to make changes to the manuscript or to object to changes made by the editorial team. If the author(s) continue to object at this point, it is up to the editorial team to evaluate whether the manuscript should be left as is, undergo a new peer review or be rejected for publication. With publication come all rights and obligations arising from the authors' copyrights.


Authors retain the copyright to their own work at all time and only cede the right to first publication to ENQ. As such, authors are free to disseminate their work in any other format, deposit any version of their manuscript in any required institutional repository or archive, or post articles to their personal or institutional website. Authors are encouraged to link the DOI issued by ENQ to other instances and versions of the published manuscipt.