Dr. Saba George Shiber

An Early Practice of Critical Regionalism through the Lens of Arabian Modernity

  • Aminah Hamad al-Kanderi University of Pennsylvania


The discussion of Arabian modernity during the post-war period arose within the process of decolonization, and the reconfiguration of the new Arab metropolis. In the mid-20th century, as the Arab states developed, the Arab region did not only showcase international imported models of modernity; it also exported its own unique concepts of architectural regionalism. Dr. Saba George Shiber’s studies of the "Contemporary Arab Metropolis" played a key role in the evolution of architectural regionalism. This paper will review the discourse of architectural regionalism as an ideological and technical implication of the Arab metropolis. To trace the urban and architectural models developed for the Arab region, I will review some of Shiber's written work, discuss his built and proposed projects, and highlight planning tools, including the urban renewal, architectural control, and the study of "Faces of the City."

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