The PhD x-Ray

A European survey into doctoral training in Architecture

  • Filipa Roseta CIAUD-FAUL
  • Tadeja Zupancic University of Ljubljana
  • Debora Domingo-Calabuig Universitat Politècnica de València
  • Harriet Harriss Royal College of Art


ABSTRACT: Since the signing of the Bologna Declaration in 1999, third cycle education, or, most specifically, doctoral training, has been growing in number of candidates and in relevance in most European schools of Architecture. The European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE), through its Research Academy group (RA), created a questionnaire with the purpose of understanding the possibilities and challenges of the current third cycle education programmes within the range of the EAAE full-member schools. The questionnaire was prepared in 2016 and sent to all the EAAE ‘s full-member schools throughout 2017. The questionnaire was conceived as a survey, including both quantitative and qualitative questions, thus providing a broad understanding of the third cycle education programmes assessed. This paper aims to present the first results assessed through a comparative analysis of the answers to the questionnaires. Thus far, the EAAERA has received answers from 39 schools; however, we have limited this initial paper to the analysis of 23 schools. The results arising from this questionnaire aim to initiate a debate on architectural research based not on assumptions but on actual data. We wish to disseminate these original findings in the ARCC-EAAE 2018 conference to invite a broader group of schools and researchers into this discussion. These results can later be used, on one hand, to support a further global interconnection and research network and, on the other hand, to promote a European policy paper in support of the doctoral training in architecture, identifying good practices and strategic possibilities within a global architectural research community that is, today, united in diversity, safeguarding local culture while seeking a common ground for dialogue and change.


KEYWORDS: EAAE, Research in Architecture, PhD, doctoral training, third cycle education

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