Affecting Change in Architecture Education / Can We Do the Right Thing


Vol. 6 No. 1 (2009)
Invited Papers
December 31, 2009


I am impressed but not surprised at how differently Tom, Richard and Iview the question of "affecting change in architectural education.” Tomtook on the more expansive issue of how the broader university might redefineitself through "design thinking” and "design thinkers'” leadership,while Richard gave a concise overview of long held aspirations forarchitectural education and the profession. And I took on architecture'srelationship to society, particularly concerned with "massive societalchanges.” All of us, however, appear to have faith in architecture'sability, using Richard's words, to "make a difference.” It seems to methat relying on past and even present architecture education models isnot the best strategy.

- - - -

Change is both pervasive and evasive. In architectural education,evasive may arguably dominate. Although many aspects of change(or the potential therefore) might serve as a basis for this discussion,change to mitigate the negative environmental impacts of buildings willbe selected as a case in point. There may be no single issue of greaterlong-term impact facing architectural education and the professions itserves.